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  • Women in the Arts: Carole Cadwalladr

    her articles on Cambridge Analytica and Brexit but also her opinions on how the UK government handled COVID -19. She formed support networks with other women journalists who also experienced social media abuse. ‘The Family Tree’ is a feminist work showcasing the life of a middle-class English family after the women Want to write your own addition to our Women in the Arts series? Send us a pitch here.

  • Women in the Arts Series: Louisa May Alcott

    She not only defied traditional gender notions and became one of the most celebrated authors in the 19th century, but she also fought for women’s rights and was the first woman to register to vote in Concord Little Women: Her most celebrated work Most of you will have heard of the novel Little Women, published At the time, it portrayed a realistic depiction of family life in the 19th century, a depiction that their right to vote- it ended up having a total of 19 female voters.

  • Gender Bias in Medicine & its Impact on Women's Healthcare

    Until 1990, when the US National Institute of Health issued guidelines around clinical trials, women Therefore, up until 1990, every medical diagnosis and recommended treatment was based on the Caucasian How does gender bias affect women and their health? Since 1994, trials also require analyses of outcomes based on sex. Women are an essential part of our social system. Therefore, women’s health is society’s health.

  • Sexism and the Pandemic: How are Women Being Left Behind in Coronavirus Recovery Plans?

    COVID-19 and its repercussions demonstrate that the world we live in is still deeply misogynistic. Policy ma(n)king Given the disproportionate impact COVID-19 has had on women, you would assume that women , men have tended to outnumber women in COVID-19 task forces. of gender quotas in COVID-19 task forces and a general focus on gender mainstreaming. While we now have data trackers such as the COVID-19 Sex Disaggregated Data Tracker by Global Health

  • The UK Police System and Violence Against Women

    Are UK streets safe for women? In fact, a report published by UN Women UK in March 2021 states that 71% of women have already experienced This number increases to 86% when looking at women aged 18-24. women showcasing even greater trust in them than men (Men: 61%; Women: 65%). Therefore, any crime against a protected characteristic is covered under the Crime and Disorder Act 1998

  • Who is Andrew Cuomo?

    He was instrumental in responding to the COVID-19 crisis in New York, but resigned from his post as Governor Covid-19 response As New York became a global hotspot for COVID-19 cases, Cuomo was tasked with coordinating However, it was later discovered that his administration had covered up information about COVID deaths He was accused of sexually harassing eleven women during his time in office, for which he faces criminal that Cuomo made unwanted sexual comments as well as non-consensually kissing and groping the eleven women

  • The Male Gaze: What is it, and How Does it Impact Women?

    Mulvey first used the term in the 1970s in her now famous essay Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema. The Male Gaze is generally defined as the way the world perceives women through the lens of heterosexual Sadly, even though the essay was published in 1975, not enough progress has been made. Inspired by a comic by Alison Bechdel-Wallace in 1985, the test aims to test female representation in In fact, this is something even Simone Beauvoir, author of The Second Sex, already stated in 1949: ‘The

  • Women in the Arts: Mitzi Shore

    In this series, we're taking a look at women who have made waves in the arts - from painters and performers actor and comedian Sammy Shore in 1950. While The Belly Room divided opinions (were women simply being marginalised to a pokey back room?) It encouraged women to find their feet, create a different approach, with a different rhythm, and own Want to write your own addition to our Women in the Arts series? Send us a pitch here.

  • Women in the Arts: Frida Kahlo

    In this series, we're taking a look at women who have made waves in the arts - from painters and performers "she showed women around the world that the only person who has to think you are beautiful is yourself She had a successful career at a time where women were not supposed to work. Kahlo is still an idol for many women and men alike, and rightfully so. Want to write your own addition to our Women in the Arts series? Send us a pitch here.

  • The Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo

    to 1983. This is the spot where 14 women first marched on 30 April 1977 to raise awareness about the disappearances Even today, a group of women congregate every Thursday in Plaza de Mayo to remember all the children Even during Covid-19 they kept on livestreaming the marches. The Mothers and Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo are a perfect example of the inner strength of women.