Many of us have grown up knowing nothing about politics, being told that our vote won’t change anything, and that we should simply vote for whoever our families vote for.

Surrounded by social media and ‘sound bite’ news, it’s hard to know which media outlets we can trust. Even those we’ve always considered reliable, have given into bias reporting and controversial – ‘click bait’ – headlines.

The result of this? A media landscape that is exclusionary, misleading, and (let’s be honest) just plain confusing.

This is why we’ve decided that it’s time for a news education.

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who are we? 

A News Education is a non-profit organisation on a mission to equip people with the tools they need to read, understand, and be sceptical about the news.

This means going back to the basics:

  • How do we spot fake-news?

  • What is the BLM movement?

  • Do petitions really create change?


These are just a handful of the questions we want to help young people find the answer to by making sure that these conversations are accessible to everyone.

After all, you shouldn’t need a degree in politics to understand the 10 O’clock news.

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how we started

Many of us forget that being able to discuss issues such as Brexit, Black Lives Matter and #MeToo is a privilege.

It’s easy to take experiences like university, international travel and work for granted. But not everyone is lucky enough to have access to the kinds of opportunities that introduce us to new topics and issues, and include us in a wider conversation.

We’re quick to label those who fall for fake news, support far-right groups or preach All Lives Matter as ignorant bigots. Often, this isn’t actually the case.

Most of these people simply haven’t been exposed to these conversations. They feel excluded from mainstream politics and debate – probably because that’s the way it’s been designed.

Taking the time to explain these concepts in a way which is clear and without judgement is a far more effective solution. This is why we’ve created a platform that would do the same.

The education system and the current media landscape are failing their duty to inform the public without prejudice. Hopefully, by providing the tools and resources people need to think critically and form their own opinions, we can help balance the scale.

so, how do we achieve this?

Our team works hard to create resources that are informative, but won’t leave you feeling more lost than before you started. We have three main ways of doing this:


Ever wanted to find out exactly how the UK Parliament works? Or perhaps you just wanted to get to grips with all the Brexit jargon the media likes to plaster in the headlines?

We break topics like this down into short, easy-to-read Cheat Sheets.


Great, right?


Have a few more minutes to kill?


Our guides give detailed
explanations about prevalent issues within our society.


Maybe you’re wondering how on earth the Electoral College system works.


Don’t worry, we've got you.


So, now that you’ve got your basics covered, why not delve deeper into your favourite topics with our long-form articles.


Here, we tackle some pretty meaty questions, such as ‘Is overpopulation really the greatest threat to our planet?’ and ‘What is the problem with colour-blindness.