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gender issues
& feminism

The media gets a lot of things wrong, and the representation of women and feminism is often one of them.

Reporting on women can be full of stereotypes and clichés, and serves to perpetuate restrictive gender roles. 

We're hoping to do things a little differently. 

Let's go back to the basics of what feminism actually means, and how we can work towards equality. 

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olena strzelbicka, editor

This section is edited by Olena.

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influential women 

Read our collection of Cheat Sheets celebrating the lives and achievements of influential women, as chosen by our writers. 

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women in the arts 

In this series, we're taking a look at women who have made waves in the arts - from painters and performers, to journalists and activists.

in this new series for the Gender Issues & Feminism section, we take a look at women who h
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