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Our Mission

Why ANE?

A News Education began as an idea by our founder Amy, who felt frustrated at the lack of education around media literacy available for young people.

Many of us forget that being able to discuss issues such as Brexit, Black Lives Matter and #MeToo is a privilege.


We’re quick to label those who fall for fake news, support far-right groups or preach 'All Lives Matter' as ignorant bigots. Often, this isn’t actually the case.

Most people simply haven’t been exposed to these conversations. They feel excluded from mainstream politics and debate – probably because that’s the way it’s been designed.


Taking the time to explain these concepts in a way which is clear and without judgement is a far more effective solution. Which is why I decided to create a platform that would do the same.


The education system and the current media landscape are failing their duty to inform the public without prejudice. Hopefully, by providing the tools and resources people need to think critically and form their own opinions, we can help balance the scale.

Image by Obi Onyeador

Our Values


We take complex issues and make them easy to understand, which means we use clear and direct language without any of the fluff.


We're proud to be a multi-cultural team, and will always champion diversity in our work and in the way we operate.


We pledge to be as unbiased as possible, but 100% transparent. Sometimes we’ll get things wrong - we’re human after all - but we promise to acknowledge our own biases and always learn from our mistakes.


Our resources need to be not only engaging and easy-to-read, but accessible. Everyone - regardless of education level, social status, cultural background or ability - has the right to read the news.

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